Italians Leader of flowering pot plats.

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The horticultural company Luca Maffucci, located at Viareggio – Tuscany, is the front leader in Italy of flowering pot plants.



Today we are producing plants of about 230.000 m², divided in 150.000 m²  greenhouses and 80.000 m²  landscapes. The company is composed of seven greenhouse domains : Palagie, Aurelia, Fosso Guidario, Lecci, Lombardi, Barbantine.


In 1978, at a very young age, Luca Maffucci, the owner, started his horticulture activity. He has put all his energy to increase an advanced, high technical horticulture company  for the  production of quality plants.




Based on a motivated and dynamic team of more than 100 employees that transpose his philosophy in a daily practise,  the company is growing very fast during the last years.







For more information contact us on-line or directly by phone: +39 (0)584 35 0065

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